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Principal's Corner

Do Something

School Banner 2017-18
School Banner 2017-18

This is the school theme for the year: “Do Something.” A short, concise theme, though one that can be easily misunderstood. The theme is derived from 1 John 3:18. “Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.”


The meaning of the phrase “Do Something” can change greatly based on the context and tone of its application. When it comes to dealing with teenagers the stereotypical way we think of applying “Do Something” may be connected to exasperation on the part of the speaker. Imploring the apathetic listener to please take some initiative and begin any task which could even vaguely be considered to be productive. But if you know the hard working, wonderful, and loving students of Christ Our Savior you will immediately recognize that this cannot possibly be the application intended by the staff for the school year’s theme. For Christ Our Savior, and its students, “Do Something” isn’t a plea spoken in exasperation.


Instead, the theme phrase is a reminder of the calling we were given by our God. God has already done “something” for us, he has done the ultimate “something”. Sending a Savior who took all our sins upon himself and through his suffering, death, and resurrection gave us the gift of freedom from sin. Knowing that the greatest “something” has already been done for us we are called in 1 John to go into the world and be a reflection of that loving sacrifice. We are empowered to love in deed, and in truth. Love others by Doing Something. The theme this year is a reminder that because of what God has already done for us, we now can go and do something for others.