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Mission Trip to Houston for Hurricane Recovery
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Thursday, May 31, 2018
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Christ Our Savior L.H.S. Students Help With Hurricane Recovery

A group of ten volunteers from Christ Our Savior Lutheran High School recently packed up and headed to Houston, Texas. Even though it has been eight months since Hurricane Harvey, there is still much work to be done recovering homes for families. Our team helped a family prime and paint the entire inside of their house including the ceilings. That morning when we showed up, was a surprise visit from a volunteer electrician who was able to fix the electric and put in the lights. Mrs. Alma is like many others in TX, waiting on their houses to be livable again. During a break, Mrs. Alma shared her story of hearing water rising against the house in the middle of the night. Frantically waking her family and going out the front door to find water up to her waist already.   Her brother’s house next door was on higher ground so they made their way there to wait for rescue. Eventually a boat came and picked them up and took them to an outside waiting area with several other survivors.

Our students were able to hear first-hand accounts from Mrs. Alma, her family and neighbors. Her gratitude for everything being done to help her family get back into their house was over flowing. Mrs. Alma shared some homemade tamales and Mexican cookies with and told us how her grandmother used to prepare these foods. While in Texas, we also were able to visit NASA and Galveston Island.

Mrs. Alma still does not know when they will be able to move back to their home, but every day gets them a little closer.


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