Explore what it means to be a COS Soldier

Come visit for a shadow day!

Students in eighth grade and up who are considering attending Christ Our Savior are encouraged to visit COS during a school day as a shadow of a current student. Visit days help give a taste of what COS can offer you and what it is like to be a COS Soldier.

Call the office (618)853-7300 to learn more. 

Classes offered at COS

At Christ Our Savior, we help you set goals, both personal and academic, that will help prepare you Christian leadership throughout your life. Our course offerings are regularly reviewed to make sure that they meet the needs of students in our changing world.

School is more than just the classes you take. The relationships formed in high school with teachers, peers, coaches, staff, and advisors are also important. With our small size comes the opportunity to develop close relationships. Your teachers will know you as an individual.

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra curricular activities are added based on current student interest. At the start of each school year, students are surveyed about their interests. Based on those preferences, COS works to provide sponsors or coaches and helps coordinate events. Gather a group of friends and explore a favorite activity or help start a new program!
Tricycle Race

Affordable Tuition

COS has adopted a sliding scale for tuition with many discounts available. A full-ride merit scholarship is available for qualifying new students! Call 618-853-7300 to learn more.

Clubs and Organizations