Growing in Faith

Christ is at the center of everything we do. At Christ Our Savior we have frequent opportunities to discuss and share our faith. As a school we gather twice a week for devotions and chapel. Our small groups provide an opportunity for students to interact in a more informal way to develop relationships with each other around God's word.


While you expect to learn about faith in theology classes, students also learn how faith relates to all of life in other subjects as well. With Christ as our center, it changes our worldview.  We know that God loves us, works all things for our good and that we have God’s perfect forgiveness.  That makes getting through the high school years much easier.


At Christ Our Savior, you can find many ways to grow in your faith and share your faith with others. Our faculty and staff are here for you, too. If you’ve got a problem, they’ll not only talk with you — they’ll pray with you.


At COS, we have opportunities every day to grow in our faith — it might be a chapel or devotion that really makes us think, or someone we pray for in small group that helps us remember that God is in control. It might be something discussed in theology class, or a story from a teacher. When we face challenges and obstacles, we have people we can turn to that will help us look at everything from God’s point of view.

Faith in Action

Christ Our Savior students demonstrate their faith by engaging in community service projects. As individuals, all students complete 25 hours of community service each year. As a school, we serve the Lutheran Elementary Schools in Randolph County during Lutheran Schools Week.

Every other year, a Mission Trip service project is planned, providing students with the opportunity to experience life in other parts of our country. Students travel to another state where they spend time helping as well as learning about the challenges that people face as the result of natural disasters or chronic poverty.